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Indigo Mountain was born from a new found love in one of my hardest times. I was at a point in my life where I had only wrong answers for my problems. After using a handful of harmful pharmaceuticals and indulging in unsustainable habits for years to cope with my crippling anxiety and depression, I began to yearn for a better solution.

After months of searching I came across some hemp flower being sold out of Croatia. It was a fiber/seed variety with little CBD that couldn't hold a dim light to the impressive flower we are lucky to have today. I immediately became enthralled in CBD-dominant cannabis and its incredible medicinal value. Soon after I noticed that very little modern cannabis strains had much of it to show. "Why did we breed out one of the best parts of cannabis?" I wondered. Once I began using hemp and CBD it was life changing. There was nothing I wanted more than to  share this knowledge and connect people with natural products for life's aches, pains, and troubles.

Once the CBD market began to develop I saw horrid gimmicks and wickedly high prices being offered for the plant which had changed my life. I knew these products were important and set out to offer everyone cannabis products of remarkable quality at an affordable cost. Thus, Indigo was born!


Here at Indigo Mountain LLC we are entirely focused on utilizing the  most powerful, nurturing, & wholesome herbs that nature can offer to give you relief, relaxation, and control over your life. We do this by providing selectively-sourced products, exceptional customer service, and fair prices. Cannabis just happens to be the perfect way to accomplish these goals. We wish for all to have the blessings of good health, good spirit, and good friends. Here's to helping you get there.

Welcome to the Indigo family my friends.

-Pabel Troche II

Indigo Mountain LLC


"Quality Comes From Care"

Let’s Work Together

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, GA 30123

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