This broad-spectrum distillate will be sure to WOW even the most stringent of connoisseurs. With a whopping 90.4% cannabinoids and the option of three incredible hemp-derived terpene profiles, you'll be ready to dab, vape, or infuse to your greatest desire.


Raw: No terpenes added.

Gatsby's Delight: A beautiful Indica blend of Gatsby, Red Bordeaux, Merlot, and Remedy work together to create an exquisite profile of Mint, Musk, Earth, Oak, Pepper, and Gas.

Remedy: This truly incredible Hybrid profile is a true reflection of the best that the "Remedy" strain has to offer. Absolutely Gassy, with notes of citrus, earth, and light floral hints make for a real treat.

Hawaiian Jam: This delightful Sativa blend of Hawaiian Haze, Remedy, and Berry Blossom make for a tropical treat like no other. Citrus, Berries, Dank, and a hint of floral flavor melt together to create paradise.


Warning: This product contains trace amounts of THC.

CBD Distillate (Broad-Spectrum)

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