Strain Type: Sativa-Hybrid

Growing Environment: Outdoor

Looks: Dense forest green buds that are complimented by dark golden trichomes and sark orange pistils. The buds are typically of medium-large size.

Smell: A whiff of gently fruity cereal greets you before the mix of pepper and musk take over .

Lineage: Unknown High CBD Culitvar from Colorado

Cannabinoids: Total: 16.50% / CBD: 13.58% / Total-THC: 0.55%

Seed Content: Seeded


Early Bird is a sweet deal on some sweet and spicy flower. These buds offer a complex and interesting tasting smoke that is sure to offer a great time and a bang for your buck. Great for the mid-day or early eavening when you still have some things to accomplish before heading to bed.

Early Bird

PriceFrom $7.50