Strain Type: Hybrid

Growing Environment: Outdoor

Looks: Incredibly dense light green buds that tend to be on the smaller size. It has moderate trichome coverage that is outweighed by incredible resin content. This stuff is sappy!

Smell: A sweet herbal/medicinal smell coated with a lingering waft of berries.

Lineage: Afghan Skunk x Cannatonic x Abacus

Cannabinoids: Total: 17.00% / CBD: 14.00% / Total-THC: 0.28%

Seed Content: Seedless


This is truly a special and medicinal strain. The smooth smoke and gentle flavor translates directly to the effects. It offers relaxation of the body and mind in a wonderfully peaceful and potent way. Plenty of healing power, but no worries of being overwhelmed by the headspace. A real favorite for an afternoon free of aches and worries.

Hempress 3

PriceFrom $7.00