Strain Type: Hybrid


Growing Environment: Indoor

Looks: Dense lime green and purple flowers with incredibly frosty trichome coverage and beautiful bright orange hairs. These buds are typically medium-large size.

Smell: Very rich spice and gas with heavy notes of sweet fruit and mango.

Lineage: Unknown Kush Hemp Phenotype

Cannabinoids: Total: 14.69% / CBD: 12.11% / Total-THC: 0.55%

Seed Content: Seedless


Now, this is a flower you'll want to tell people about. Whether it's the smooth smoke and great flavor or the gorgeous buds, you will be impressed with this strain. The effects start with a general uplifting feeling and mental rush and ease into a pleasant and calm euphoria. Truly one of our best flowers to date!

Mango Fire

PriceFrom $15.00