Strain Type: Sativa-Hybrid

Growing Environment: Outdoor

Looks: Beautiful intertwining of dark purple and forest green buds that are complimented by truly golden pistils. The flowers are an interesting mixture of dense and airy, yet always sticky to the touch. The buds are typically of medium-large size.

Smell: A strong citrus scent with some hints of sour and earthy notes.

Lineage: Cat's Meow x Alpen Gleaux

Cannabinoids: Total: 15.54% / CBD: 12.43% / Total-THC: 0.51%

Seed Content: Seedless


Pink Panther is quickly becoming a fan favorite and for good reason. This harvest is USDA-Certified Organic, exploding with a citrusy smell and flavor, and wins you over with the potent yet complex effects. This flower offers a gentle mental stimulation paired with a powerful physical relaxation that bonds to create a  smooth atmosphere for the mind and body to work together. We at Indigo are really big fans of this strain and harvest!

Pink Panther

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