Strain Type: Indica-Hybrid

Growing Environment: Greenhouse + LED

Looks: DENSE and frosty... just wow! Tight green sparkling buds with hints of purple. Easily our prettiest flower to date!

Smell: An intoxicating mix of sweet earth and kush with hints of chocolate and spice upon breaking it down.

Lineage: Bubba Kush 66 x Hempress

Cannabinoids: Total: 15.27% / CBD: 12.53% / Total-THC: 0.56%

Seed Content: Seeds are present, but rare and should be treasured ;)


This strain deserves a standing ovation! Wonderful day and night, but suggested for the evening. The best we have to help you kick back and relax the body and mind before a tasty dinner. You can expect potent effects in the body with a mild mental rush in the beginning that eases into a soft flaoting on a cloud feel. An absolute Indigo favorite!

Royal OG

PriceFrom $15.00