Strain Type: Sativa-Hybrid

Growing Environment: Indoor Hydroponic

Looks: Fluffy and frosty... nuff' said. These light green little spears are absolutely covered in trichomes and look incredible.

Smell: A sweet herbal menthol smell that is quite difficult to describe. Very complex and very enticing.

Lineage: KLR #4

Cannabinoids: Total: 14.17% / CBD: 11.33% / Total-THC: 0.40%

Seed Content: Seedless


Wowza! These Sour Grapes buds are so unique! These incredible looking buds are like something you've never tried and offer a relaxed mind with a body still capable of getting things done. The smooth and linear effects are complimented by a wonderful smoke. Perfect for a late afternoon treat.

Sour Grapes

PriceFrom $10.00