Strain Type: Indica

Growing Environment: Outdoor

Looks: Wonderful fluffy lime-forest green buds that are covered in trichomes. The flowers are plush and oily with their incredibly high cannbinoid content. The buds are typically of medium size.

Smell: A strong sour citrus smells dominates the nose and is complimented by subtle hints of herbal spice.

Lineage: Special Sauce x GG #4

Cannabinoids: Total: 24.55% / CBD: 17.93% / Total-THC: 0.91%

Seed Content: Seedless


Sour Special Sauce is a truely remarkable and sedative flower and a staple of every stash. Its flavor matchs its smell and its effects are absolutely perfect for a nightcap. It also features a notably high level of CBCa at a stately 2.63%! Let this strain rock you to sleep with a smile.

Sour Special Sauce

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