Strain Type: Sativa-Hybrid

Growing Environment: Outdoor

Looks: Incredibly plump & fluffy lime green buds that are covered in trichomes. The flowers are both plush and sticky with a very high cannbinoid content that is obvious from its appearence. The buds are typically of medium-large size.

Smell: A strong sour citrus smells dominates the nose and is complimented by subtle hints of menthol and fruit.

Lineage: Sour Tsunami x GG #4

Cannabinoids: Total: 19.43% / CBD: 14.4% / Total-THC: 0.75%

Seed Content: Seedless


Super Sour Space Candy is a truely remarkable and slightly stimulating flower while also being slightly sedative for others. We've been interested to see that people feel very mixed about which direction the effects of this strain go. While we at Indigo feel it leans toward a gentle stimulation and euphoria, there are a few universal truths to this flower. It is smooth, tasty, and potent like no other SSSC we have ever tried. Certainly a family favorite!

Super Sour Space Candy

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